Thursday, April 25, 2013

We Were Tired of Living in a House

I did not discover this book until asking Lincoln one night to pick his two books for bedtime, but the more I read it, the more delighted I am by it!  I'm convinced one of the wonders of childhood is the thrill of creating "homes" out of anything, especially Outside. 


I discovered this winter that when Cabin Fever sets in, sometimes the effects are happy-chaotic, as in that picture of my son (magic marker)...but often times the effects are just bewilderingly angry and whiny and mean-to-brother-chaotic.  Sometimes, kids just get tired of living in a house, folks!  The illustrations of the original edition of this story add more understanding and eloquence than many paragraphs of words could convey, and the effect is magical.  

I lovelovelove my house, but sometimes I would love more than anything to pack my bag with sweaters...and scarlet leaves...and a frog...and precious stones...and seashells singing like the surf...and spend my sunny afternoons creating fantastic Outside homes away from home.  

P.S.--This week, we've been doing some of that, carving out an under-tree fort and connecting it by "line bucket" to the tree house outside the fence.  In the words of 2 and  3/4-year-old Lincoln, "This is AWESOME mommy!!"